Explore the Benefits of Art-Loc® Shingles from the Premier Roofing Contractor in Fort Wayne

At Sherriff-Goslin, we didn’t become the leading roofing contractor in Fort Wayne by slacking off. We understand that homeowners need a roof with strength to keep their home protected. We also know that they want style, long lasting shingles, and a unique appearance. Because of this, we’ve designed our Art-Loc® shingles to be incredibly durable and stunningly attractive. In today’s post, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the benefits of our Art-Loc® shingles.

Attractive and practical

Unquestioningly attractive, Art-Loc® shingles have a diamond-shaped look that lends your home a unique appearance. But, in addition to this, they also offer a number of practical, protective benefits. Offering both fire resistance and class 4 impact resistance, they are among the most durable, long-lasting shingles that you can select for your roof.

In addition to this, Art-Loc® shingles come standard with Scotchgard Protector™ to help prevent the growth, spread, and accumulation of algae. During the service life of your roof, Art-Loc® shingles will retain their look and remain free from unsightly black streaks caused by blue-green algae.

Guaranteed longevity

Art-Loc® shingles come with a standard 30-year warranty, a 10-year free service guarantee, a limited wind warranty up to 110 miles per hour, and a premium protection limited warranty that lasts up to 15 years. With that kind of backing, you can be confident that your new roof will last for a long, long time.

At Sherriff-Goslin, we’ve worked tirelessly to earn our reputation as the leading roofing contractor in Fort Wayne. For over one hundred years, we’ve been installing roofing systems with the strength, stability, and appeal that homeowners want. Our Art-Loc® shingles are no exception: they aren’t just strong, they’re a statement of your style!